Friday, April 11, 2008

Princess With A Bat Breaks her arm

Well, this month has been no exception to the rule that my life is constant ciaos. My sister has been helping me with my kids, bless her heart, I couldn't do it... anyway, Princess was riding what we now know as the "Scooter of Death" when she fell on cobble stone and broke her arm. I recieved a phone call from my sister stating she was in route to the ER. Good thing Just a Goalie was there... she could have never found it alone. My sister (I Love Her Dearly) has NOOOOO sense of direction. Anyway, I arrived just in enough time to remove Princess from my sister's arms and carry her in for check in. I hadn't really looked at the arm so when I actually entered and everyone turned their head in disgust, I was a bit shocked. I then went to the check in counter and was rushed into the triage room. There we sat down, still had her in my lap when the nurse states over the walkie talkie, "We need Trauma Room 4, we have an eight year old girl with a deformed arm". My sister walked in just as that was being said. As if she didn't feel bad already. I told her this could have happened anywhere with anyone...... We decided to blame the scooter and that is how it now has it's name.

Well just a few hours later and a cast on her arm we went home.. yes it was broken, and she was so tough. I feel bad for her. 8 weeks of a cast and then a couple months of no sports, but that isn't gonna stop her. I will keep you posted, next Dr Appt the 17th for a glow in the dark cast. YIPEE!!!!

Monday, December 10, 2007

What a Weekend!

Saturday was fun. I got to spend the day with my Grandma and Grandpa playing Hand/Foot. It is a card game that Grandpa swears is real, but he always has a new rule... I like playing though and this weekend, I was the big loser. I had fun.

You see Grandma's birthday was Saturday and I got up early and made Pulled Pork in the Crock pot. After getting that started Princess and I started on her special birthday dessert. INDOOR S'MORES. YUMMO! Then we all got by the Christmas Tree for the annual Christmas Card picture. The four of us and Bosco the dog. One picture Dad's head was cut off, next picture Princess' head looked like it was about to fall off. Almost like it was too heavy to hold up. There was one even with the dog's head missing. Then there was the picture that JAG looked like he really needed a restroom break and the final one, a little dark, but perfect. Even the dog was facing the camera.

Dad and I ran off to the store to develop these only to find a million people, OK half a million, shopping in ONE department, and it would have to be the camera department. So one hour photo was really 2 hour photo. So off to kill time. Dad felt it necessary to take me shopping for a new gun. First of all, I don't want one and secondly that store was too crowded too. I think he wants one and this was his way of telling me. Honestly it was a great way to kill 2 hours. I left and was on my way back to the 2 hour photo lab when my phone rang.
"When are you coming home?"
"Going to pick up pictures now... maybe 15 minutes"
"Can you hurry? Your kids are Starving."
"OK on my way"
Now I just want you to know the pantry is full of everything in a grocery store and dad responds with, "Well they must be hungry, you didn't feed them breakfast".

I just sat and looked at him and picked my battle without responding, but thought all the while, "they are old enough to get their own breakfast. Remember the Grilled cheese sandwich incident... or Princess when she took every granola bar out of the wrapper to be sure the one she ate had NO nuts. They are fine to pour a bowl of cereal at 8 and 10 yrs old." But I said nothing and figured they weren't gonna starve in 15 minutes.

I got home and fed the kids and wouldn't you know, neither of them finished their plate. Obviously NOT starving. But again in someones eyes in this household, I failed as a mom again.

I had a blast playing cards, got to see my niece and went to ice cream after dinner. Nothing like family time. Other than this lovely experience I had a great weekend. I spent yesterday afternoon with a dear friend of mine from high school. Anyway I met her and her family for coffee at 3 and it turned into dinner a lot of catching up, as I hadn't talked with her in almost 3 years. You know I never feel like a day passes when we talk even if it is a gap in between. That is a true friend. I really need to make time for my friends more often. I have to run, I will keep you up to date on my crazy life this week. Enjoy your coffee and enjoying it with an old friend makes it even better.

Friday, December 7, 2007

WE MOVED - 2004 version

Look what I found. I asked if you wanted to be in a time machine and here goes. I found my original blog before it was blogging and found a letter from March 2005. So it is out of order, I thought it was nice to see I have officially come FULL CIRCLE!!!

Well, it has taken 9 months to do this but I am getting this done. We sold our home in Sacramento, packed up a dog, 2 kids, and a minivan. We drove 2200 miles over 3 days. It actually was quite the experience. We arrived at our new home (wasn't quite done yet) and found the roads to be complete mud. Minnesota had just encountered 22 days of rain. After living with Dad's family for 6 weeks we moved into our home. It is amazing. Living in the middle of no where and liking it. The stars (as Princess says) are like when God turns on his Christmas lights. The green of the all the trees.... Breathtaking. Summer wasn't too hot and a bit more wet than I would have asked for with a few extra bugs than I liked (except for the fire flies/lightning bugs, I liked them) but it came and went. I got a job and Dad remained home with the kids looking for employment.
Fall arrived in what was by far, the most amazing array of colors and weather. Perfect weather. Tragedy struck when our OREO was found outside no longer with us. I never thought losing a dog would be so HARD. The kids were really taken back by this. Just a Goalie really was tough for all of us, I think. Princess was very open that losing her friend hurt really bad.
Grammie came to visit for Thanksgiving and that was so nice. I felt like I needed someone in my family to come and see I am not a HILLBILLY! Mom said she loved it, and by the way she played in the snow, I believe her. After 3 days she went home and we cried. But it won't be long before we will make a trip to CA to see her and everyone else again.
Christmas came and not a ton of snow, but plenty of ice. I am really learning how to drive all over again. Thank God for the patience he has given Dad's family to teach me and direct me in the right direction. LITERALLY.... he he. Dad asked for one thing on all his Christmas lists.... a job and Christmas eve, he had an interview where he was offered a job for the county. What a Christmas! I promised him if he got a job he could get a truck. 10 years he has awaited this....... he now owns a BIG TRUCK! He is so happy and the kids and I are equally as happy. I do miss the laundry being done for me though, but I am proud of him.
We broke down and got a dog, Bosco! He needed a home and we needed a dog, although since Dad got his job, Grandma has been doing daycare and I don't think she EVER thought she would have doggy day care as well. He is good and Grandma never complains. A week after we got him Just a Goalie's school went on strike. Yes I said strike, I don't get it. Just a Goalie has had no school for 2 weeks. I am going to have to home school, poor kids... just kidding. That is something I never could do. It will pass. I just have to not judge and be patient.
My job is great and we are doing awesome. I am so thankful, and blessed and not a day goes by that I don't thank God for everything in my life.... including you. All my friends have been so supportive. Just know, if you ever are out this way, there is a bed at the "Bed and Breakfast" awaiting occupancy. Take care and I will update often.... I hope. We love you!

Princess plays with our new puppy, Bosco
We broke down and got a new puppy. We named him Bosco and he is having a blast living in the country and not in box. He is so good with the kids and Princess swears he is her baby, and he thinks she is his mom. At least he loves them. I am finding as Princess gets older it is more and more obvious that she going to make a GREAT mom.

Just a Goalie has a SHUT OUT!!!!

We attended the Brainerd Jamboree this last weekend and Just a Goalie had a "Shut Out", for those unfamiliar with Hockey, that means he DID NOT let one goal in. I am so proud of him. He really has shown a love for this game and a true patience for the hard work involved, but yet still have an immense amount of fun. I am so impressed with his drive when it comes to this, because cleaning his room is definitely a different story. We have another tournament this weekend and another Jamboree the following one. I will keep you posted on the games.

Now if that doesn't set the stage for my crazy life, I don't know what does. I hope you have a nice evening, I will write more after awhile.

Stepping back!!!!

Let's take a ride in a time machine, well at least I will and you can come with me. 6 am the alarm sounds. I hit snooze enough times to kill at least 30 minutes just to awake an rush kids into getting ready like it is their fault we are up late. I explain that we have to hurry, because I can't be late. It is Friday and there is always lots to do on Friday's. I get them out of the bathroom, which we are sharing since I am living with my mom, and out to the kitchen to eat a balanced breakfast. Mom always said it was the most important meal of the day, so they ate cereal (with sugar) and toast (with butter and sugar). I have to make sure they can jump start their day too. As the eyeliner is just about to reach my eye, I hear Dad say "Why is there cheese in the toaster?" I about stabbed myself in the eye when I heard Just a Goalie respond with, "I wanted to make a grilled cheese sandwich yesterday". Well I guess that is one way to make one. So long story short, I finished getting ready with the great smell of BURNT cheese. I grabbed my coffee and out the door we went.

Oh, this story doesn't stop there. I pull up to the school for the kids and Just A Goalie (JAG)asked where I put his book for Accelerated Reading, "Indian in the Cupboard." I asked him if it was my responsibility and he looked at me like I wasn't smarter than a fifth grader..... and then he responded with, "I can't remember everything!" I guess that is my job, and I forgot. So in other words, I am glad I have another job in life other than being a mom, because as of this morning, I was fired from my mom job. Princess was her normal self. Got up, got ready and out the door with a smile for school, reminding me how great her day was going to be.

If only I could wake up and know my day would be great. Oh, wait I do wake up every morning to a fresh brewed pot of coffee, (Thank God for timers) and now that I am not smoking, I REALLY need my coffee. Can life be any better? I am sure this weekend will be full of lots of crazy stories, but until then enjoy the moment and remember life is what you make it even if it starts with an eyeliner poking you in the eye.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

If Only!!!!

It is December already and I promised Months ago to write. Better late than never.... right? Let's start with Dad is still looking for his dream job, Just a Goalie, isn't much of a goalie right now as we are still struggling to get on our feet, Princess with a Bat is fabulous as usual and I plug along each day trying to be sure Grammie isn't bothered by our invasion of her home.

Yesterday Grammie turned "old" as Just a goalie put it. I invited her "Golden Girls" over and we had a Surprise party for her. What a nice turn out. It really feels good to be able to let her know how grateful I am for her in my life. I really pray that one day my kids grow up to be appreciative and understand my life has always been about them. Oh who's kidding who, by the time they are old enough to appreciate me I will be too old to remember their names..

I have been working hard at recovering from a long year. I really miss Minnesota but I love California. I miss my friends even though I never thought I had any in the woods, but I love being back with my friends here. The kids have adjusted well I guess, they still try to kill one another now and again. I still sit back and wonder, "What was I thinking" but then they do something that blows me away.

I quit smoking December 1st and now my husband and I don't get along so well. He swears I am mean, I think he is and the circle continues. I will get through it and hopefully he will continue to support me. He always does. I also think I am moody as it is my least favorite month of the year. I really find it hard to celebrate and that sucks because not only is it Christmas but my birthday and my husbands birthday are this month as well.

Let's see............... I think that sums up my life in a nut shell. I will try to blog each day or even once a week. I feel bad that it has been this long, but I will make an effort to keep up. It is actually therapeutic for me to blog so hang on tight and hopefully all my funny stories will keep you laughing all the way to Christmas and beyond.

I really need a coffee... so I am off to get a cup. Take care!

Friday, July 27, 2007

Where does the time go?

What has it been months since I wrote? There is definately not enough space on the internet for me to update so I will just give you the condenced version. I took on the job of moving my family cross country...... Minnesota to California. That was an adventure. But we made it without incident. I am glad to be home. It sure is nice to have air conditioning.

Dad and the dog arrived 2 weeks before we made the trip. Grammie spoiled the dog but she says that is what Grammie's do. He was sure excited to see his kids again.

I am on the prowl for a new job and Dad comes home tonight. I realized one thing out of all this caos..... Family is EVERYTHING. I couldn't have done it without them and some REALLY good friends too.

I will keep you up to date as I have new adventures. I have to admit it feels good to blog again.

Monday, April 30, 2007

Last can be the Best!!!

Saturday we all loaded up for the zoo. Grandma packed a lunch and we all loaded in the suburban. Off to the zoo we went. We ate and then walked around for about an hour. Off to the park and the kids all played. We headed home and off to the yard to play.

It is amazing how this week went. I really enjoyed each day. It is nice to have a family that is close enough to us to make us feel comfortable enough to call them part of our family. The week ended with Spooky eating all his food all week long, Mr. 501 and Just a Goalie realizing friends are the best thing in life and are free, and Princess figuring out boys aren't so bad especially when it is like having 2 extra brothers.

I knew this was the end and their parents would be here on Sunday to pick them up, but even I was hoping that their parents would say, "we will be gone another week". I am so proud of all of them and proud of me for not pulling my hair out. But if they are all good there is no need for me to pull any hair out and they were all "Amazing". I will always treasure this week and now there is no doubt in my mind that Spooky and Mr. 501 are welcome "ANYTIME"!! Thanks for the gift, I finally get my coffee.........